RIB hire
Self drive rib hire available by the day or week. Helms need to hold the Rya powerboat two qualification
Learn to sail RYA and BCU have designed their courses to introduce you to their sports in a progressive way that is both safe and fun. RYA Junior Courses In the school holidays RYA Junior courses run every week. RYA Training The RYA powerboat scheme has three initial levels and we offer tuition in all of these. Try Sailing A half day introduction to the sport in either singlehanded or double handed dinghies.
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Roseland Paddle & Sail

“Between the Land and the Sea” is a fair description of the Roseland, one of the most beautiful parts of Cornwall. The best way to experience the beauty of this peninsula is by water and it provides some of the best sailing and paddling areas in the country.

What We Offer?


Get on board

Adult sailing – Try sailing

A half day introduction to the sport in either singlehanded or double handed dinghies.

RYA courses

  • We offer our RYA courses in two formats, either two full days of five half days.
  • We offer the full range of RYA dinghy courses in monohulls and catamarans from beginners to racing courses.
  • We also offered skippered trips on our yacht suitable for up to three people by the half day or day.

Children’s sailing U16 – Taster sessions

A two hour introduction to sailing in single handed dinghies.

RYA courses

  • We offer our childrens courses over five half days.
  • We offer the full range of RYA dinghy courses in monohulls and catamarans from beginners to racing courses.

Kayaking/SUP -Taster sessions

A two hour introduction to the sports.

Guided tours

  • A lovely way to explore the Percuil river, approximately two hours destinations depend on wind and tide. Not suitable for unaccompanied children under 11.

Powerboating – Taster session.

A half day introduction to powerboating, learn some skills and a bit of a trip.

RYA courses

  • We usually offer our powerboat courses over two full days so that we can go on a short trip as well as covering the techniques covered in the syllabus. We offer RYA level one and two and the safetyboat course.

Our Courses

Dinghy Sailing
from £300
This course provides a short introduction to sailing for novices.
By the end of the course, you will have the basic understanding of daily handling techniques and background knowledge. It is recommended that all participants consolidate this short introduction with the basic skills and better sailing courses.
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from £300
A first introduction to the sport, teaches you the basics, so Europe and sailing around in as little as eight hours. There are no prerequisites to this course other than a degree of water confidence.
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from £180
Introduction to power boating:
Preparation: launching and recovery, safety equipment, pre-start cheques, personal buoyancy. Boat handling and manoeuvres: starting and stopping, use of kill cord, steering controls, securing to a boy, leaving and coming alongside, being towed, awareness of other water users.
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Are You In?

This year we are operating the following dinghies:
Laser Picos, Laser one and two, Laser 2000, Laser Vago, Laser Stratos, Dart 16, Hobie 15, RS Teras, RS Fevas,RS Qubas Wayfarer and Drascombe Longboat, quite a fleet!

Perhaps last year you hired a boat or took a taster sail. Why not join us this year for an RYA course. Level one and two courses run over two days or a series of lessons through a week.


Clients About Us

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate your staff. My instructor was patient and instrumental in getting me to the next level. I am going at this with as much focus and repetition as time, money, and conditions permit. It’s a slow process, but I’m finally getting it! Thank you so much, guys.

John Tyler

Loved It!

It’s the best feeling when I follow coaching advice and things immediately start to work out right, I see that’s it just there what I was missing, I understand my mistakes and see the right way to progress. Plus you are a great company. I’m very happy I randomly happened to meet you all. Thank you.

Thomas Austin

What an experience!

I have been working on upwind 360’s for some time and could get an occasional one in the straps, but rarely, if ever, out of the straps. With your tips, I was able to nail several of them recently. Well done! For the upwind 360, I found your tip about keeping the mast pointed in to the wind was the key. Thanks!

Jack Melton

Such a great team and location